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  • Designed for Between 400-1000 Double-Sleeved or 500-1250 Single-Sleeved Standard Sized Cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*: Our product is expertly crafted to accommodate your card storage needs. Whether you prefer double-sleeving for maximum protection or opt for single-sleeved cards, this storage solution can comfortably hold up to 1000 double-sleeved cards or 1250 single-sleeved cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*. No more worrying about running out of space; you've got room to spare for your expanding collection.
  • Great for Commander/EDH** Decks: Our product is tailored to meet the needs of Commander/EDH** players, ensuring that your unique deck format is accommodated with precision. Enjoy the convenience of storing and transporting your Commander decks effortlessly, knowing that your cards are well-protected and readily accessible for epic multiplayer battles.
  • Convenient for Carrying Multiple Decks, Dice, and/or Play-Mats: Versatility is key, and Ultimate Guard delivers just that. Whether you're a collector of various decks, a fan of rolling dice, or in need of space for your favorite Play-Mats, our storage solution has you covered. It provides a convenient and all-in-one carrying solution for your gaming essentials, making it the perfect companion for diverse gaming situations.
  • Up to Two Magnetic Trays for Flexible Positioning and Storing of Accessories or Double-Sleeved Cards: We understand that gamers have different needs and preferences, which is why our product features two magnetic trays. These trays offer flexible positioning, allowing you to arrange your accessories or store double-sleeved cards in a way that suits you best. Whether you prefer meticulous organization or easy access, our magnetic trays provide a tailored solution for your gaming experience.
  • Resistant XenoSkin Material: Crafted from XenoSkin material, the Omnihive is not only visually appealing but also highly durable. It provides superior protection against wear and tear, ensuring that your valuable cards remain in pristine condition over time. Count on the Omnihive to safeguard your collection with its resilient construction.

Ultimate Guard Deck Case

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